1968 Ford Mustang Golden Nugget Special – Ultimate Guide

Seattle District's Golden Nugget Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang Golden Nugget Special

1968 Ford Mustang Golden Nugget Special

The 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang (aka Golden Nugget) was sold out of the Seattle District Sales office in 1968. All were Sunlit Gold mustangs which featured unique golden plaques on the dashboard with the original owner’s name engraved. The Golden Nugget Specials featured the special yellow paint along with the louvered hood and black stripes. All of the GNS Mustangs feature the DSO (74) along with the four digits 1111 and the color code (Y).

Identifying a 1968 Golden Nugget Special is pretty easy. They were all 1968 hardtops and were offered in Sunlit Gold (color code Y, usually followed with a “5” to indicate the black hood, and special order number 1111 after the 74 DSO found on the door data tag) although any of the standard or special Mustang colors could be ordered. Also with this package came the louvered hood with black painted inserts, black vinyl top, a black interior, and featured unique golden plaques on the dashboard with the original owner’s name engraved. 481 Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustangs were actually produced of the 525 scheduled to be offered through the promotion.

The Advertising

Only 525 people in the Northwest will be driving this Golden Nugget Mustang…a special edition of America’s original sports car…at no extra cost!

Exclusive for this area only! Specially ordered, specially painted Mustangs, each with a golden plaque for the dash panel bearing the customer’s name. Sunlit Gold color, with black vinyl top, black hood panels, black stripe, whitewalls, wheel covers. Plus all the better ideas that make Mustang America’s favorite, most imitated sports car. More Mustang than ever for ’68”

Although the vintage ad states 525 were built, subsequent research by Marti Auto Works shows 481 according to Ford build records.

Identification: Like many of the special paint Specials, the 6 digit DSO is the key to identifying a Gold Nugget Special. Look for DSO of 74-1111 (74 = Seattle DSO and 1111 = special order) Production dates have also been narrowed down to Jan – Feb of 1968.

1968 Mustang Golden Nugget