1967 Mustang Indy Pacesetter Special

1967 Ford Mustang Indy Pacesetter Special – Ultimate Guide

1967 Mustang Indy Pacesetter Special

In 1967, Ford expected the Mustang to pace the legendary Indy 500 race again as it did three years previously. Although that didn’t happen, Ford still offered an Indy Pacesetter special model. It featured a white color with racing stripes in and outside the vehicle. Not much else is known about the 1967 Indy Pacesetter Special. It did not officially participate in the Indy 500 so there just isn’t much research about it.

The hardtop came with brief double Scotchlite stripes over the door as well as the appropriate signature on the selector level. The exterior was Wimbledon White exterior paint. The car also featured a special rear grille (white taillight panel with blue pin stripe highlights), sporty louvered hood with integrated turn signals, sport tires with the optional V8, bucket seats, blue interior vinyl trim, full carpeting, and full wheel covers with whitewall tires.

It was sold only by the Indianapolis District Sales Office in the month of May, also the same month the Indy 500 takes place. They were dealer specials to boost sales in the month of May. Still a cool piece of Mustang history if you ask me. The best guess in term of production is that it is believed 324 of these cars were built in total.


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