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1977 Mustang Specifications
1977 Cobra II 2 3 4 5 6 7 1977 Ghia 2 3 1977 Mach 1 2 3
1977 Hatchback 1977 Coupe 2 3
The biggest news for 1977 II's was the availability of the T-Top for only the hatchback, a feature that seemed a few years overdue for the Mustang II. Other changes included an argent-painted horizontal grille for coupes, while all hatchbacks came with black ones. Hatchbacks came standard with 3-spoke sports steering wheels and brushed aluminum instrument panels, while coupes came with new pecan-colored woodgrain instrument panels, replacing the walnut type. An available no-cost option for fastbacks was the front spoiler from the Cobra II. The Cobra II was available in 2 new color combos in addition to the previous ones, White w/Red stripes and White w/Green. The Blue w/White stripes version was dropped. 

Cobra II's were built by Ford starting this year. A new option for Ghia's, replacing the Silver Luxury Group, was the Sports Appearance Group, it consisted of Black paint with Chamois half-vinyl roof and interior, vinyl-insert bodyside moldings, pin striping, luggage rack, lacy-spoke aluminum wheels, sport steering wheel, and black engine-turned applications throughout the interior. The reverse color comination could also be had. In mid-model year, the Cobra II received a new stripe treatment, the top stripes became 1 wide stripe, with contrasting thin stripes on either side. 

The side stripes moved to the center of the body, similar style of the top ones, with a bolder COBRA across the door. Black rear louvers became standard, along with black window moldings. The Cobra II's hood scoop was turned around, with the opening facing the windshield. The previous color combinations remained. Another mid-year changeover was optional White-painted styled steel, lacy spoke aluminum, or forged-aluminum wheels.

Production Numbers:
2dr Hardtop: 67,783
69F 3dr Hatchback: 49,161
60H 2dr Hardtop Ghia:
69R 3dr Hatchback Mach 1: 6,719

Available Engines:
140cid 2.3L 2V 4cyl 92hp
171cid 2.8L 2V V-6 103hp
302cid 5.0L 2V V-8 134hp

Available Exterior Colors
Bright Red2R
Dark Brown Metallic5Q
Bright Yellow6E
Golden Glow6V
Bright Aqua Glow7H
Light Aqua Metallic7Q
Medium Emerald Glow7S
Bright Saddle Metallic8K
Polar White9D
Available Tu-tone Exterior Color Combinations
Body color/accent colorCode
Cream/Medium Gold Metallic6P/6V
White/Bright Red9D/2R
White/Light Aqua Metallic9D/7Q
Wheel Base: 96.2"
Height: 50.3"
Width: 70.2"
Length: 175"

Coupe: 2,620 lbs.
Fastback: 2,699 lbs.
Ghia: 2,667 lbs.
Mach 1: 2,7
85 lbs.
Track, frt/rear: 55.6/55.8 inches

Retail Prices:
4cyl 2.3 liter Models
2dr Hardtop, 60F: $3,
3dr 2+2, 69F: $3,

2dr, Ghia, 60H: $

6cyl 2.8 liter Models
3dr Mach 1, 69R
: $4,332.00

Interior TrimCode
White/Emerald 5
White/Aqua 7
White/Gold 8

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Engine Codes
140cid 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hpY
171cid 2.8L 2V V-6 103hpZ
302cid 5.0L 2V V-8 134hpF
7 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn
, R-San Jose)
2 - Body code (02-2dr hardtop, 03-3dr hatchback, 04-2dr hardtop Ghia, 05-3dr hatchback Mach 1)
Y - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number

Stamped on the plate which is riveted to the driver's side of the dash; the certification label is attached to the rear face of the driver's door.