Watch Two Of Hennessey’s Most Powerful Mustangs Unleashed

Hennessey Performance is proud to give their fans yet another thrilling experience as they show off their supercharged H850 GT350R and Venom 1000 GT500 on their most recent YouTube video.

These two Mustangs represent two of the most unique, most powerful, and most fun Ford muscle cars ever produced. The mind-blowing acceleration and heart-pounding speed leave you at the edge of your seat every time. From the agility to superior handling on the track, the supercharged GT350 and 1000 horsepower Venom 1000 are a perfect blend of American engineering and muscle car heritage.

This clip was filmed around Pennzoil Proving Ground. The performance of the cars is truly something to behold as they both pick up speed at a truly incredible rate. Not only that, but both of these Mustangs also sound sensational with an intoxicating supercharger whine and a thumping V8 exhaust note.