Tuned Mustang GT Takes On A Modified BMW M3

Two tuned RWD machines duke it out on a quarter-mile drag race.

Two heavily modified performance cars face off in a new Carwow video, which pits a tuned Ford Mustang GT against a modified BMW M3.

Let’s begin with the F80 BMW M3. Normally equipped with a 3-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine, this particular version deviates by replacing the two turbos with a single, massive turbocharger. As a result, it boasts an impressive power output of 950 horsepower and 1,100 Newton-meters of torque! However, achieving such levels of power requires a specially prepared surface and drag slicks. Since we lack both of those, the power has been toned down to 850 horsepower and 950 Newton-meters of torque.

Moving on to the modified Mustang by Clive Sutton, it features a 5-liter V8 engine under the hood. However, this particular model has been equipped with a supercharger, elevating its performance to 859 horsepower and 902 Newton-meters of torque! It’s worth noting that the Mustang is heavier than the BMW sedan, tipping the scales at 3,791 pounds (1,720 kilograms) compared to the BMW’s weight of 3,516 pounds (1,595 kilograms).

Additionally, the BMW holds one significant advantage over the Mustang: it comes equipped with an automatic gearbox, whereas the Mustang is equipped with a manual transmission.

With all the odds against the Mustang, do you think it can beat a lighter BMW M3 with smoother transmission? Watch the video to find out!