Test Driving A 10th Anniversary RTR Mustang Spec 5

In celebration of their tenth anniversary, Vaughn Gitting Jr’s tuning and customization company, RTR, unveiled a limited edition RTR 10th Anniversary Spec 5 Mustang back in 2020.

Each 10th Anniversary Mustang RTR Spec 5 was based on a Mustang GT equipped with the Performance Package and featured a sleek Leadfoot Gray exterior. To add a personal touch, customers had the option to choose from five different accent colors, including Hyper Lime, Grabber Blue, Race Red, Orange Fury, or Space White.

The enhancements go beyond just visual aesthetics. The “Spec 5” designation signifies the upgraded engine, which includes a Ford Performance supercharger, boosting the power output to an impressive 750 horsepower and the torque to a whopping 1,078 Nm.

In a new video, ThatDudeinBlue on YouTube got to test drive Vaughn Gitting Jr’s own 10th Anniversary RTR Spec 5 Mustang and see what it’s like on the road.