In a new video from DerekBaranProductions, one of his subscribers traveled 18 hours just to show his Nitrous Mustang. The subscriber, George, had been a long-time follower of the channel and had been eager to attend Mustang Week for the past 15 years. Finally, his dream came true, and Derek, the channel host, decided to make the time to feature George’s car.

George’s Mustang build was something to behold, featuring a nitrous setup that added extra power to an already impressive vehicle. The car had undergone significant modifications, making it a standout at the event.

During their meet-up, Derek and George discussed the various aspects of the Mustang build. George shared details about the exterior modifications, which included unique features like VLAN headlights and a monochromatic paint scheme. The car also boasted upgraded wheels, brakes, and suspension, making it both stylish and high-performance. George had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into customizing his Mustang.

Inside the car, there were further surprises. George had equipped it with Recaro seats, a digital climate control system, and a Maestro system that added functionality to the car’s gauges and controls. Additionally, George had a meticulously organized nitrous control center, complete with pressure gauges and switches.

George’s nitrous-assisted Mustang generated 610 wheel horsepower and 587 foot-pounds of torque. The nitrous setup included a unique feature called the “safe tank,” which ensured safe and controlled nitrous usage during operation.