Shelby Engines to Offer Certified Performance Rebuild Services for Ford V-8’s

Content-FE_02Carroll Shelby Engine Company, owned by Mr. Shelby has decided to expand their services by offering certified performance rebuilds and tuning of Ford V-8 motors to a limited number of customer owned small block Windsor, 351 C and big block FE engines.  For each engine they will do a complete overhaul and include an official “Rebuilt by Carroll Shelby Engine Company” tag that can be mounted in the engine bay.  Customers looking to have their engine rebuilt can schedule an appointment to bring their motor in to the Gardena, California location.  Once the motor is brought in an engine specialist will take the time to plan their build and tune package.

For more information on Carroll Shelby’s Engine Company along with there services check the press release below.

Press Release:

Carroll Shelby Engine Company, owned by Carroll Shelby who founded Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), has expanded its line of services at its Southern California location to include performance tuning and rebuilding of Ford V8 motors. The company also offers a line of complete aluminum 351 Windsor and big block aluminum “FE” motors and parts.

“We’ve been making vehicles with Ford engines go faster since 1962,” said Carroll Shelby, president of the Carroll Shelby Engine Company. “That includes street cars and vehicles used in every kind of motorsport. For the first time, Shelby Engines will take all of that accumulated knowledge and put it to work for individual Ford owners who want to move to the front of the pack.”

Shelby Engines will accept a limited number of customer-owned small block Windsor, 351 C and big block FE engines for rebuild or dyno tuning. The company will do a complete overhaul, as well as offer long and short block rebuilds. Carroll Shelby Engine Company will also rebuild Ford V8 OHV heads. Just like the new FE and 351W based aluminum engines from the company, every engine overhauled or rebuilt will include an official “Rebuilt by Carroll Shelby Engine Company” tag that can be mounted in the engine bay.

“As lifelong hot rodders, our team is pleased to become a complete engine service company,” added Don McCain, Vice President of the Carroll Shelby Engine Company. “In addition to building engines, we’ll offer engine dyno sessions to tune Ford V8 motors. Every test will come with a certification sheet, which provides key stats like horsepower and torque, signed by Carroll Shelby.”

Customers can schedule an appointment to bring their engines only (not vehicles) to the Gardena, Calif. location. An engine specialist will then help customers plan their build or tune. The dyno facility is also available for independent engine builders to rent for testing and evaluations of their engines.

In addition to the engine services, Carroll Shelby Engine Company also sells two series of aluminum engines, the Windsor and FE. Much lighter than the cast iron version, the Shelby 351W block is CNC machined from A356 T6 alloy at Shelby’s facility and comes ready for assembly. The aluminum Shelby 351 Windsor uses standard FMC accessories with the oil filter in its stock location. It can be bored and stroked to be a true big block sized 427 c.i.d. in a small block package. The company also offers matching aluminum heads that are CNC ported. Optional black powder coated aluminum Carroll Shelby signature valve covers and air cleaners are also available.

The big block FE engine can be purchased in three configurations as complete engines up to 482 c.i.d. or individual components. All Shelby aluminum blocks have period correct casting numbers in their original positions, as do the FE cylinder heads. The all aluminum engine is period correct with medium riser heads and cast steel crankshaft. Complete engines come with a Shelby hi rise intake and Holley carb. Additional information is available at

About Carroll Shelby Engine Company
Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. In 1998, he founded the Carroll Shelby Engine Company to build the world famous Shelby 427 FE aluminum motor for muscle cars and high-performance vehicles; the company expanded to include engine rebuilding, dyno testing and small block 351W aluminum motors. For additional information about the company, call (310) 538-2914 or visit