SEMA 2011: 23-year-old creates Retro Stang from 2011 Mustang GT


At just 23-years-old John Heermann has gained the knowledge and skill to build a one-off Retro Stang from a  2011 Mustang GT.  Starting with a new Mustang and before the first payment was even made John began the build process under the guidance from master metalsmith Doug Kielian of Auto Kraft Body and Paint out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Retro Stang features ’68 and ’69 Mustang sheetmetal hand grafted into the nose, tail and rear quarter panels of the 2011 Mustang GT body.  The hood has been lengthened 14-inches and the rocker panels custom made.The headlight doors and rear fender caps were hand built from scratch by Heermann.  Another feature you might notice is the raised back glass to give it the angle for the fastback look.

In the aftermarket department, Heermann has gone with a set of Dynatech long-tube headers and X-Pipe, a JLT cold air-intake, APR carbon fiber engine cover and a SCT tune.

Heermann will take his finished work of art to the 2011 SEMA show for all to see.  Check back in early November for more photos of this one-of-a-kind custom beauty.