Man buys Winning GT500 Raffle ticket minutes before drawing at QuakeCon


In a previous post we told you about QuakeCon, the free event held for gamers in Dallas, Texas each year and that Ventrillo, one of the sponsors was giving away two 2011 Shelby GT500’s as prizes. To be eligible to win those GT500’s QuakeCon gave away 100 raffle tickets for various things over the weekend. Just before the drawing took place one of the ticket holders sold his raffle ticket to another guy at the event for $200 thinking he made out pretty good. Well, not so much as the guy who bought the ticket ended up winning one of the 2011 Shelby GT500’s and it was all caught on tape, even the transaction between the two guys. Check out the video after the jump….

Quakecon 2010: Attendee Blunder of the Year from Daniel Harris on Vimeo.