QuakeCon Event in Dallas Giving Away two 2011 Shelby GT500’s


QuakeCon is a free event held each year in Dallas, Texas for thousands of gamers from across the country to come together and compete in various tournaments.  Last year’s event saw voice chat software maker Ventrillo give away a 2010 Shelby GT500 but this year they have up the stakes and are giving away two 550 horsepower 2011 Shelby GT500’s (Race Red and Kona Blue).  To win the GT500’s you must obtain 1 of the 100 tickets being given away at the event which is taking place August 12-14 at the Hilton Annatole in Dallas.  The final drawing for the two GT500’s will take place on August 14th as part of the QuakeCon 2010 tournament finals.

For more infor visit QuakeCon.org.