Magnaflow Axle-Back Street Series Exhaust Install on my 2011 Mustang GT


In a previous post before all the 2013 Mustang news came down I told you about the First Mod on my 2011 Mustang GT being a Magnaflow Axle-Back Street Series exhaust system.  I am happy to say the installation was a success with the sound being just what I wanted.  If I were 15 years younger I would have opted for the competition series which had a louder deeper sound.

In the end the installation of the Magnaflow exhaust took me about two hours from start to finish.  The biggest draw back was doing it in my driveway without a lift.  Having to maneuver under the car with little room to wiggle the exhaust was a little tough but I made it through it.  Below I have added some pics of the installation with some footnotes for each picture.  Also at the bottom I added two videos of the axle-back sound from before and after.


The picture above shows the clamp holding together the axle-back muffler to the mid pipe.  There is one clamp per side plus three hangers holding in each muffler.  After loosening the clamp you will have to jar loose the pipes from each other.  The clamp is welded to the axle-back so it does not come off at this time.


The picture above shows where the clamp was welded to the axle-back pipe.  You will have to remove the clamp to transfer over to your aftermarket exhaust system.  It can be cut off or wiggled off.


The picture above shows the three hanger install points.  Wiggling the OEM axle-back muffler loose an be a job but make sure you spray some lubricant on each to help slide the hangers out.  I would remove the hanger toward the back first so the other two can just slide off.


The picture above shows the stock 2011 Mustang GT muffler next to the Magnaflow Axle-Back street series muffler.  Its much smaller and weighs a few pounds lighter than the OEM muffler.


The picture above shows the Magnaflow muffler installed.  Installing the Magnaflow axle-back muffler is much easier with the reduced weight and size versus the OEM muffler.

Below I have added two videos of my 2011 Mustang GT, the first is on startup with the OEM stock mufflers.  The second is on startup of the Magnaflow axle-back mufflers.