Here’s What Happens When You Go Off-Roading With A Rental Shelby GT500-H

Ford Mustangs excel at unleashing the thunderous roar of their V8 engines on open roads, creating an unrivaled auditory experience. However, they are less suited for traversing off-road terrain, making them an impractical choice for engaging in spirited activities on the sandy landscapes of Utah. Attempting such exploits might lead to an undesirable outcome, necessitating a call for towing assistance sooner than anticipated.

A video,shared on YouTube by Matt Wetzel of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery, illustrates the challenges associated with this scenario. The driver in question had rented a Shelby Mustang GT-H from Hertz and ventured into the off-road regions of Utah. As a result, the muscle car quickly found itself entrenched in the terrain with its wheels getting stuck in the sand.

Luckily, the services of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery were readily available, poised for another vehicular rescue mission. The team arrived with a specially equipped off-road Jeep Cherokee, armed with all the necessary gear to extricate the Mustang from its predicament. You can watch the  video to see how Matt and his team were able to rescue the Mustang.