Gallery of the 2015 Mustang in all colors


For those of you living in a rural part of Montana with no internet, cable or phone service I am here to let you know Ford has unveiled the all-new redesigned 2015 Mustang. So far the only photos we have seen of the new Mustang show a Race Red, Ingot Silver and Magnetic Metallic model.

The 2015 Mustang will feature ten colors including Race Red, Triple Yellow, Competition Orange, Deep Impact Blue, Ruby Red, Black, Oxford White, Magnetic Metallic, Guard Metal and Ingot Silver. Three colors not returing from 2014 include Grabber Blue, Gotta Have It Green and Sterling Grey.

Ford chose to go with three shades of silver/grey for the 2015 Mustang as its one of the most popular vehicle colors Worldwide. Yellow also returns as we last saw this color in the 2006 model year. A popular color which was limited to the Boss 302 for the 2012-13 model year was competition orange. It now finds a home on the 2015 Mustang color palette.

View the complete list below along with a photos of each. Enjoy…

2015 Mustang Colors:

  • Race Red
  • Triple Yellow (new)
  • Competition Orange (new)
  • Deep Impact Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Black
  • Magnetic Metallic (new)
  • Guard Metal (new)
  • Ingot Silver
  • Oxford White

2015 Mustang in Triple Yellow:


2015 Mustang in Race Red:


2015 Mustang in Competition Orange:


2015 Mustang in Ruby Red:


2015 Mustang in Ingot Silver:


2015 Mustang in Deep Impact Blue:


2015 Mustang in Guard Metal:


2015 Mustang in Black:


2015 Mustang in Magnetic Metallic:


2015 Mustang in Oxford White:


  1. One of the best photo angles on the new Mustang here. Gives it back some of its signature cues that other pics somehow miss. That said, the dark colors really look good on here, Deep Impact Blue being my fave.

  2. I was hoping for a dark green like Highland or Ivy green from years past. My ’65 was Ivy and wanted to see that color available or close to it on the 2015 model. But now my second choice will be black with the saddle interior if that’s still available. I guess I’m just “old school” and remember McQueens’ 1968. What a ride! Can’t wait to realize that feeling again.

  3. FORD comes out with a whole new Mustang and whether you like it or not but these are the best color options they can come up with??? Shockingly disappointing isn’t the first words to come to mind I mean how many shades of Gray do you need? Two colors of Red umm boring. Yellow and Orange are different but not exciting to say hell yea I’m ordering it in that color! Deep Impact Blue maybe the ugliest Blue ever offered! White, Black, Red, zzzzzzzz same boring ass choices every year I mean have some balls FORD and offering bright exciting colors like GM and Dodge did for the Camaro and Challenger!

    My preference… Highland Green, Gulfstream Aqua, Legend Lime, Royal Maroon, Tuxedo Black, Grabber Blue, Bright White, Vista Blue, Candy Red, Black Jade, Calypso Coral, Acapulco Blue, Indian Fire Red, Silver Jade…

  4. I have to agree with Carl, to go to all the effort in creating a new Mustang and then to disappoint us so with a limited color selection seems short sighted. Once and for all FORD, listen, Gray, White and Black are not colors they are shades. You cannot count them as colors even if you give them fancy names. I agree that deep impact blue is not up to blues from the past such as Bright Atlantic Blue. Ford you need to remember that your Mustang is our Mustang, a North American Car. If Europeans want Grey Cars ship them Grey Mustangs but improve your color selection for Canada and the USA!

  5. Just a suggestion for the color blue. Tiffany Blue would appeal to many of the women in our lives and in most families women still have a greater say in colors for decorating the home and buying a car. Men usually pick the engine displacement. You may not agree with this but if you understand this FORD it will make a difference in your sales!

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