Ford Mustang GTD Leaked Ahead Of Monterey Car Week Debut

A special edition of the new Gen 7 from Multimatic that will be the first mid-engine Mustang


CNN has posted the full specs and pricing of the all-new Ford Mustang GTD, and they are droolyworthy and heart stopping respectively!

On the specifications side of things, how does 800 raging American horses sound? It will be coming from the rock-solid Coyote V8, although fettled and modified by Ford and Multimatic to 5.2L with a whacking great supercharger on top.

The engine will be in front of the cockpit, but entirely behind the front axle, making true the promise of a mid-engine Mustang, although the more proper term is a “front mid-mount” engine. To come as close to a 50/50 weight distribution, the 8-speed semi-automatic dual-clutch gearbox is mounted as a transaxle, hanging all the way out back.

There is no back seat as that space has been taken up by the rear-mounted gearbox. There is no trunk, either, as that space has been designated for use by the massive gearbox radiator that will keep the transmission fluid from boiling even after pounding out several laps of a local race track.

There are also brake cooling ducts, side scoops to help feed air to the rear brakes and gearbox cooler alike, and slashed louvres in the front three quarter panels to reduce front end lift and evacuate heat from the engine bay and front wheel wells.

A front splitter with stacked winglets will keep the nose planted, and a massive GT wing out back will be shoving the rear wheels into the tarmac.

As to the price, we hope you’re sitting down.

It is, quite simply, $300,000 USD, and that’s just the MSRP before any options, dealer markup, or custom/personalization work done. That puts it right in the middle of Lamborghini, McLaren, and the old rivals, Ferrari.

Well, if history has anything to say about it, Ford defeated Ferrari in the 1960s at Le Mans, so here’s hoping they can do the same on the roads in 2024!

Original post 8/17/2023

As reported on Ford Authority, and somewhat confirmed via Hagerty Media, Ford and Multimatic will be debuting a limited special edition Mustang, the “GTD” supercar at the upcoming 2023 Monterey Car Week. For those few that don’t know, Multimatic is the Canadian company that built the second generation Ford GT, including the versions that raced at Le Mans and Daytona.

What makes this pony so different and special is that it will be, if all reports and rumors are to be trusted, the first-ever production mid-engine Mustang. While there are no hard facts yet, as it has not debuted, leaked information puts the power and handling of this new stallion above the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse, and on par or even better than the Dark Horse R.

There are only a couple of spy shots, snuck out of an investors demonstration in Las Vegas, before the official launch of Monterey Car Week tomorrow, August 18. We, like you, are waiting with baited breath about availability, pricing, and all the juicy details to determine if the Mustang GTD is the next Ford supercar.