Usually, holy grail Mustangs have a Shelby GT name attached to them, but there are really important ones out there that might have ties to Shelby but aren’t a GT, and that’s exactly what Dennis Collins is showing us in today’s video, the 1968.5 R-Code Ford Mustang that has been sitting in a barn for decades, the tires are so flat they seemed to have ‘popped’, that’s how long this car has been abandoned.

The car was at a shop where according to the owner, some parts were stolen from it, so he retrieved it from there and parked it in his garage in 1994, and she never ran again, finished in red with black stripes, and being an ‘R’ car means we’re looking at a 428 car, and another really interesting piece of information, these 1968.5 R-Code Cobra Jet engined Mustangs were the original KR, King of the Road cars, while many believe the GT500 KR was the first.

But enough about specs and details, let’s follow Dennis on his trip to find this amazing, and very rare R-Code Mustang in a barn in Georgia during this 35-minute video: