1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

The Perfect Package Continued Unchanged

With the debut of a redesigned Mustang, SVT added its magic to the SN-95 platform and introduced a new, more potent Cobra. That was 1994. In 1995, they basically took the year off and simply carried over the 1994 car save for a few updates. The biggest news for 1995 was the return of the street-legal, race-ready SVT Cobra R.

Changes to the Cobra for 1995 were nearly non-existent with the exception that the Cobra was now available with the full range of Mustang colors and the hardtop that was supposed to be optional on 1994 Mustang cars was finally ready for production and made available as an option for the Cobra. The chrome SVT badge on the decklid was new for all SVT vehicles this year. A new vertical spat was added to the leading edge of each rocker panel extension to prevent rock damage to the lower body.

A limited run of 1,003 Cobra convertibles were manufactured this year, and of those only 499 had the removable hardtop. This was unique for the 1995 Cobra and was rare. These models were essentially the same as the convertible Cobra but had several small provisions to accept the retaining mechanisms of the fiberglass top and dome/map light wiring. Removing or installing the hardtop was a two-person job and so the hardtop was a hard sell. After 499 of them were produced Ford discontinued the option.

If you selected the Cobra Coupe you had the option of Crystal White, Black, or Rio Red, and the option of Black or Saddle interior which could come in either cloth or leather. These were all the same options as 1994 Cobras. The Cobra convertibles on the other hand had a saddle leather interior and is painted black, with a matching black convertible top.

The engine was unchanged, the 5.0-litre V8 got a lighter flywheel, GT40 heads, high-flow exhaust manifolds, higher rate fuel injectors, larger valves and a low-drag accessory drive as it did in 1994. Horsepower remained a respectable 240 hp. It was an enjoyable and tractable engine that loved to rev. The gearbox was the 5-speed manual Borg-Warner transmission with phosphate coated gears for added strength. Power was transmitted to the ground through a Traction-Loc rear axle with a 3.08:1 final drive ratio.

Specifications & Performance

Built at: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Engine: 90-degree, OHV Windsor V8
Displacement: 4949 cc / 302 in³
Bore: 101.6 mm / 4.0 in
Stroke: 76.2 mm / 3.0 in
Power: 179.0 kw / 240 bhp @ 4800 rpm
Specific Output: 48.49 bhp per litre
Torque: 386.41 nm / 285 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm
Redline: 6250
Front tires: P255/45ZR-17
Rear tires: P255/45ZR-17
Front brakes: Vented Discs w/Power Assist & ABS
Front brake size: x 330 mm / x 13 in
Rear brakes: Vented Discs w/Power Assist & ABS
Rear brake size: x 296 mm / x 11.65 in
Front suspension: Modified MacPherson strut type with separate spring on lower arm, 400 lbs./in. linear-rate coil springs, 25mm stabilizer bar
Rear suspension: Rigid axle, four trailing links, two leading hydraulic links, 160 lbs./in. linear-rate coil springs, 27mm stabilizer bar
1/4-mile @ MPH: 14.1 seconds @ 101 mph
Top speed: ~225.3 kph / 140 mph
0 – 60 mph: ~6.3 seconds

Retail Prices

Cobra Coupe, P42D: $21,300
Cobra Convertible, P45D: $25,605

Production Numbers

Total Produced: 5,008
Total Coupe Produced:
Total Convertible Produced: 1,003

Colors & Numbers

Exterior Colors

Black Clearcoat UA: 1,433 (Coupes), 1,003 (Convertibles)
Rio Red Tinted Clearcoat E8: 1,447 (Coupes)
Crystal White ZF: 1,125 (Coupes)

Exterior & Interior Combos Colors

J4 Black Cloth Interior + Black Exterior: 137
J4 Black Cloth Interior + Rio Red Exterior: 110
J4 Black Cloth Interior + Crystal White Exterior: 127
J2 Black Leather Interior + Black Exterior: 760
J2 Black Leather Interior + Rio Red Exterior: 535
J2 Black Leather Interior + Crystal White Exterior: 498
S2 Saddle Cloth Interior + Black Exterior: 55
S2 Saddle Cloth Interior + Rio Red Exterior: 85
S2 Saddle Cloth Interior + Crystal White Exterior: 66
S4 Saddle Leather Interior + Black Exterior: 481
S4 Saddle Leather Interior + Rio Red Exterior: 717
S4 Saddle Leather Interior + Crystal White Exterior: 434

Note: Every Cobra convertible from 1995 has a saddle leather interior and is painted black, with a matching black convertible top. This is the easiest way to tell the 1995 Cobra convertible from the 1994 version, which only came in Rio Red with a Saddle colored roof.

VIN Decoder

The VIN is stamped on the plate which is riveted to the driver’s side of the dash, visible through windshield; the certification label is attached to the rear face of the driver’s door. For full details see our 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra VIN Decoder page.

VIN Decoder Cobra 1995