1992 Ford Mustang: Ultimate In-Depth Guide

History, Specs, Options, Performance & More

1992 Ford Mustang

1992 Ford Mustang

1992 Ford Mustang Overview

Gee, another year with no major changes. Ford must be making a mint off the lack of changes. Different years on the titles and a very few cosmetic changes. Wake me up when they change something. I guess we know why sales continued to drop like a stone in 1992 with only 79,280 units sold.

Model: 1992 Ford Mustang
Generation: 3rd Generation Mustang
Type: 2 Door
Body Styles: Coupe, Hatchback, Convertible
Engines: 2.3L EFI 4 cyl, 5.0L EFI V8
Original Price: $10,125 (Base Coupe), $10,721 (Base Hatchback), $16,899 (Convertible)
Units Produced: 79,280

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Background & Details

A recession was in full swing in 1992 and car sales were down across the board. Add to that the fact that Ford had not innovated when it came to the Mustang since 1987 and Mustang sales were horribly low. They hit an all-time low of just 79,280 units for the model year. That was still good enough to outsell the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird but it was a far cry from the sales success the Mustang was used to on an absolute basis.

The changes for 1992 were minimal. The LX models got color-keyed bodyside moldings all the way around the car. These bodyside moldings and bumper rubstrips enhanced LX appearance but it was a tweak more than anything substantial. Whitewall tires and wire-wheel covers were removed from the list.

Limited-edition Mustangs closed out the era. The first was designed to get some excitement going for the 5-litre LX convertible. The “Limited Edition Feature Car” started in mid-year 1992. The new 1992 Ford Mustang Special Edition came equipped with the 5.0 liter V8 and a special red paint job. The Vibrant Red convertible had white wheels and white leather interior, and a special rear spoiler. Door trim, window trim and door mirrors were all colour-keyed and a special decklid spoiler replaced the idiotic luggage rack. Inside the white leather seats were contrasted with black piping, a back dash, back carpet and a back headliner. This package added $850 to the price of a LX 5.0 convertible. Only 3,333 were produced.

Engine options continued to be the 2.3 liter inline four with its 105 horsepower engine and the strong 5.0 liter V8 with its horsepower ratings unchanged at 225 horsepower. Well, not quite actually. Ford admitted to overrating the Mustang V8s power figured so Ford adjusted outputs down to 205 horsepower from 225. Torque decreased too from 300 lb/ft to 275 lb/ft.

Special Edition Models & Variants

1992 Ford Mustang GT


The 1992 GT shared the same outside looks at the 1991 Mustang GT with its solid grille with center ford emblem; 16 inch 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels; and aerodynamic front, side and rear skirt panels. Under the hood, the 1992 Mustang GT received the 225 hp, 5.0L, High Output, V8 engine. The 1992 Mustang convertible GT was the first Mustang with a base model price over $20,000.

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1992 Ford Mustang "Summer Special" LX 5.0L Convertible

“Summer Special” LX 5.0L Convertibles

To garner some excitement Ford offered a 5-litre LX convertible “Limited Edition Feature Car” starting in mid-year 1992. All “Feature Cars” were painted Vibrant Red and came with a white leather interior, white convertible top and white wheels that had its finish baked-on. Door trim, window trim and door mirrors were all colour-keyed and a special decklid spoiler replaced the idiotic luggage rack. Inside the white leather seats were contrasted with black piping, a back dash, back carpet and a back headliner. This package added $850 to the price of a LX 5.0 convertible and ended up becoming a rare car with only 2,193 vehicles produced in the second half of ’92.

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Specifications, Options & Detailed Stats

Production Numbers

Another year and another horrible sales year for the Ford Mustang. Sales continued to fall in 1992 with only 79,280 Mustangs sold. To dive into the model and body splits as well as see charts and percentages, check out our 1992 Ford Mustang Production & Sales Numbers deep dive.

Options and Pricing

The base prices kept going up despite no changes to the cars in 1992. 1992 saw the base Mustang cross the $10,000 mark for the first time, though a V8 convertible could be had for less than $20,000. For more detailed options and pricing, please check out our 1992 pricing and options research.

Exterior & Interior Colors

A total of 13 colors were available for the 1992 Mustang model year. Lots of blues, blacks and reds for this modely year in terms of exterior colors. For detailed colors, color palettes, codes and interior colors please check out our in depth 1992 colors information post.

Dimensions & Weight

The 1992 Mustang had the exact same dimensions and weight as the prior year model.

Engine Specs

The engine options were unchanged for 1992. The 4-cylinder engine was updated the prior year and those changes stayed. Horsepower stayed at 105-horsepower. The hard-charging 5.0-litre H.O. V8 was still a solid engine with 225-horsepower and 300 pound-feet respectively. For more information on engines for 1992, you can find the information here.


Below is the performance data for the 1992 Mustangs that we could find. We have seen some sites states different times but since the GT was unchanged from prior years it makes no sense that the performance numbers changed. The 1992 Mustang was still a competitive performer given its price. Below we have included 0-60 mph times, 0-100 mph times as well as quarter mile times and top speed where available.

VIN Information

Vin Decoder Mustang 1992

This link will take you to a page which contains the VIN tag information for all years of Mustangs. Previously this information appeared on each Mustang’s year page, but consolidating it has significantly reduced page loading times. To decode the build sheet, check out our 1992 VIN & Data Plate Decoder sheet.

Videos & Picture Galleries

We managed to find some great video reviews of the 1992 Mustang so definitely check those out. We also have a picture 1992 Ford Mustang Picture Gallery and photos of real Mustangs in each color that was available.