10 Mustang Fails Caught on Video
Credit: Youtube / GerickRynard

10 Mustang Fails Caught on Video

Ford Mustangs have gained a certain notoriety in the recent years of viral videos. Thousands of videos have been uploaded over the years catching Mustangs winning races at the dragstrip, drifting around racetracks, taking part in “closed road” quarter-mile races. But they have also been recorded drifting into curbs, spinning out into oncoming traffic, and even mowing down crowds of people at car meets.

Today we take a look at some of the best (or worst?) Mustang fails caught on video.

Third Time’s a Charm

Watch this clip of a driver finessing his fifth-gen Mustang into a curb. This is actually a rare clip as there was not a crowd in sight for this stealthy stang to plow over. The driver gave in to his natural instincts and gave his fifth-gen the classic overcorrect, not once, but twice. Luckily he was able to drive away with minimal damage.

Partout Anyone?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn the passenger-side of a Shelby GT500 into that of a derby car? Look no further. This sixth-generation Mustang Shelby GT500 was looking to give bystanders a show while leaving a car meet. The meet looked to have been nestled into a small neighborhood, but rolling burnouts always get a hall pass when leaving a Mustang meet, right? Unfortunately, this GT500 will not live to see another day on the streets.

Swing of the Hips

Here we have a sixth-generation Mustang GT leaving a Saturday morning Cars & Coffee in Dallas TX. This Mustang GT was leaving while giving it juice in second gear but then disaster came knocking. This Mustang driver was able to keep the car under control as the rear swung back and forth but unfortunately, the guardrail gods summoned the front of the GT for a mid-morning meeting.

Crowd Pleaser? Not Today

Most Mustang owners frequent Cars & Coffee events everywhere to show off their rides but often look forward to rolling a small burnout when leaving the event – this was the case for this Mustang owner.

It is common knowledge that oversteer is almost always amplified when you apply the brakes.

As you’ll see, this driver gave it the beans when turning out of the parking lot but immediately hit the brakes as the car drifted sideways, resulting in a Mustang lurching towards the crowd.

Disclaimer: No bystanders or drivers were injured in this clip.

Too Fast & Loud…

Is this one technically a Mustang fail? No, but when a driver runs a red light and smokes the front of a ‘67 Mustang that’s just been restored by Gas Monkey Garage – we must share it.

The Fast & Loud show featured on the Discovery channel was a hit from day one but the “hits” don’t stop there. Unfortunately for the Gas Monkey boys, the truck driver didn’t have insurance, and this is where an auto accident attorney steps in…

That Was Close!

As far as Nürburgring crashes go, this has to be one of the most minor caught on film. It’s every enthusiast’s dream to drive around the notorious Nürburgring and push their car to the limit. This Mustang was no exception until he came into the corner too hot causing him to panic brake.  Though the driver suffered some damage to his rear bumper – he likely had more damage to his underpants.

Lead Foot Launch

Ah yes, Lead Foot Larry is at it again. When you disable your traction control on your Shelby Cobra GT500 and mash the throttle, the chances of you regaining traction are very slim. Don’t think so? Watch this guy. No one was harmed in the making of this fail video.

“Racing” in the Rain

Apparently, the driver of this fourth-generation Mustang did not get the weather update before “trying” to flex his muscles against a late model Pontiac GTO.

“Look Mom, a Ten Second Mustang”

This is a classic example of why your car comes with traction control. When we say “10-seconds” we mean, “How to wreck in 10 seconds”. Disclaimer: No one was hurt, though there were likely several very upset commuters in this clip.

Do Not Pass “Go”

If you’re looking to be the #1 on any “Fail List”, running over a crowd will put you at the top. Thankfully, no one was injured in this short clip. One bystander managed to save his beer while being run over by a GT500 – he is the real MVP.