Top Five Worst Ford Mustang Gifts ever Received for Christmas and Birthdays


With the Christmas holidays in full swing I thought why not come up with a list of the worst Mustang gifts ever received. Some Mustang enthusiasts may not feel the same way I do about these gifts and that’s understandable but I have a feeling most of the Mustang items on my list are on yours too.

Ever since my first ride in a Mustang at the age of 17 I have been a Mustang fanatic and been into anything that had to do with Mustangs including books, magazines, and posters. Over the years I have owned ten Mustangs and with that comes the recognition from family and friends that I am indeed crazy about Mustangs. So when my Birthday or Christmas rolls around each year there is always one or two people who purchase a Mustang gift for me.

Can you see where this post is going, its been 19 years since I purchased my first Mustang and in that time I have received everything under the sun related to a Ford Mustang and this list reflects what I feel are the worst gifts ever received. Check out the list below in reverse order. Let me know if you have any to add in the comments.

5. Mustang Matchbox Cars


As a grown man you would not believe how many friends and family bought me Ford Mustang matchbox cars over the years. The worst thing about this gift is they are only a $1 or $2 making them one of the most inexpensive gifts to buy.

4. Mustang Cologne


This was a kick in the pants when Ford Motor Company came out with the Mustang Cologne back in the early 2007. This set off a buying frenzy at Christmas each year thereafter for friends and family thinking this was the coolest gift ever for a Mustang enthusiasts. Maybe one bottle of Cologne would have been nice but not five. The scent is not the best either.

3. Mustang Parking and Street Signs


Yes these are annoying to get once you have received somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 signs.  Most of these have been relegated to a box in the garage with a select few being making their way to the garage walls.

2. Mustang Seat Belt Belt


Do I even need to say how uncool this present is to get when you are 21-years-old and than again when I was 30.  All you can do is put a good smile on as you open the gift knowing in the back of your mind its headed to the closest trash bin once the day is over.

1. Mustang Calendars


Every year I get at least two of these, it does not fail and one year I received 7, no joke.  With the days of digital Calendars who still uses a paper calendar anymore.  This is definitely the worst gift of all time.


If you know of any I have left off please let me hear about it in the comments.