Russo and Steele Auction Storm Damage w/Photos

RussoandSteeleauctionThis past Thursday at the Russo and Steele Collector car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona two large tents covering about half of the automobiles were blown over during a severe rain storm that brought with it high wind gusts.  One of the tents was actually lifted up and blown onto a nearby freeway causing traffic delays for hours.  Most of the damage to the valuable collector cars was caused by the heavy metal poles used to hold the tents in place as they were thrown around when the tents were blown over.

The Barrett-Jackson and RM Auctions were also going on in Scottsdale but they reported no damage.

Check out the Mustang carnage after the jump along with a link to all the photos.  Try not to cry…


All Russo and Steele Storm Damage Photos Here.