New Mustang 5.0 summersaults off 3rd Floor Parking Garage, Sticks Landing


This story comes to us from Lugano, Switzerland where the owner of a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 accidentally drove off a 3rd floor parking garage.  The 24-year-old owner drove the Mustang 5.0 over a parking pylon and through a concrete wall of the garage.  The driver thought he was in reverse when he was in first gear thus propelling him through the wall.  The Mustang than nosedived to a first floor overhang where it hit and than continued to rotate with the rear of the Mustang landing on a metal guardrail on the ground.In the process the Mustang destroyed several scooters on the ground level with no injuries reported.  The driver walked away from the accident with minor injuries.

Check out the photos below.