New 2015 Mustang rendering by Car and Driver has the Evos Concept look


What may look like a Nissan Z or a Hyundai Tiburon is actually what Car and Driver thinks the all-new 2015 Mustang will look like once its unveiled to the public.  The latest rendering of the 2015 Mustang comes to us from famed automotive illustrator Jon Sibal who has already done a 2015 Mustang rendering but this one has been touched up a bit for Car and Driver with the Evos Concept look.

Just like most of the rumors floating around they expect the new Mustang to get an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine and have an overall footprint about the same as the current model.  They also believe the addition of the IRS will addmore space for the rear seat along with cargo room in the trunk area.  Under the hood they believe the 5.0-liter will still be around but the 5.8-liter Shelby GT500 engine will be gone due to space limitations.In its place they think Ford will come up with some kind of twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 to carry on the Shelby GT500 legend.

Check out the high-res renderings below.

Source: CarandDriver

  1. The rendering of the Mustang needs to be stretched (in the rear) for the multilink independent rear suspension and more legroom for the rear seat and larger trunk(for larger donut).

  2. Poor man’s Aston Martin Vanquish.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Sibal has been watching too much of Clarkson rambling about how great AM’s are on Top Gear.

  3. Who cares about rear seat legroom in a mustang, if you want those ‘family car’ attributes then buy a family car, the mustang is a sports car! And its because ford had taken into considerations with the current car is why the car has become so loafy top heavy and big, exacyly the attributes that hinders the cars performance. No if you want leg room buy a family car, a focus or a fusion. I cant stand old family people wanting a family car made from a sports car so they can ‘look cool’. At the cost of ruining the model. The mustang needs to evolve as a pure sports car.
    Leg room….. In a mustang.,,., and exactly how many times will people sit back there in the lifetime of the car. 8 times at best, people never make any sence.

      1. Being 6’3″ and a previous owner of a Mustang (I had a 2003 Mustang GT… may she rest in peace), I can definitely say that more driver room is needed. Sure, I could ride comfortably in my Mustang, but there were times when my knee would hit the dash.

        Granted, from 2005+, they became much more roomy, but I still felt limited in how I could position the seat. Will I complain if they make it a little bigger? Not at all.

        Do keep in mind that ever since the Mustang 5.0 has been compared to the E92 ///M3, Ford’s eyes have widened up a bit. They know they can make a car that is family-friendly and still be an absolute monster on the track (the Mustang 5.0 was… what? 0.1 seconds slower than the ///M3 around the track?). We all know how awesome the ///M3 is. Now that the Mustang will have independent rear suspension, I have a gut feeling it’s going to be a better-performing car than the ///M3 and still cost half as much.

        Though I absolutely love my BMW and BMW’s engineering, I’m going to have to say this: You go, Ford.

  4. The rear tailights should be LED (like 2013) with backup lights hidden until used. The mules show the same steering wheel as the other Ford vehicles. I hope the Mustang steering wheel retains it’s own identity. Ford has leaked it will be using tri-color Ford logo on the grille.intead of the Pony. No more corral for the pony package either.

  5. I wish Ford would extend the roofline to the rear like they did the Ioacoca Mustang. That was a smooth interpretation. Also some of the GR-1 touches wouldn’t be a bad thing. Or better yet, just bring out the GR-1 as a Lincoln.

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