Mustang Boss 302 #0001 purchased at Texas Ford Dealership

2012Boss302Number1 (14)

One lucky Mustang enthusiast in Texas got the shock of a lifetime when he lifted the hood on his soon to be 2012 Mustang Boss 302 and saw serial #0001 etched into the plaque atop the Boss’ intake.  The Boss 302 #0001 was sitting in a Ford dealership showroom in Garland, Texas with a $5K markup.  When the buyer mentioned it to the salesman he dismissed it as the first Boss 302 and thought it was only the first in that color but unbeknownst to him or the dealership they were squatting on the first production Boss 302 available to the public.

After several phone calls and some haggling with the dealership the Mustang enthusiast got the markup down to $1,500 which he was happy with.  In the end the new owner purhcased Boss 302 #0001 in Competition Orange with Recarco’s and the Torsen Differential package.  Check out the photos below.

Source: MustangsDaily via theMustangSource