eBay Find: Two Fixable 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra’s up for Auction


The holy grail of Fox Body Mustangs in my opinion is the 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra as Ford made just under 5,000 of these beautiful machines in three different colors, Red, Teal and Black.  Complete low mileage original 1993 SVT Cobra’s are hard to come by these days with prices hovering in the low five-figures.

What if you could buy two 1993 Cobra’s for the price of one?  Sound like a deal, well we have come across an auction that includes two 1993 Cobra’s and from the looks they will need a lot of work.

One of the 93′ Cobra’s is a complete car with several issues the main being rust and body damage.  The auction description says its not repairable but I beg to differ as I have seen a lot worse fixed up and sold.  The other is just a shell with various parts still attached but a good starting point for someone wanting to completely rebuild a 1993 Cobra from the ground up.  If you have the time and money to search for the parts I bet you could bring it back to its former glory.

Both Cobra’s come with titles, the complete car has a clean title — VIN:  1FACP42D2PF175282.  The Shell is a rust free California car with a Salvage title — VIN: 1FACP42D6PF180467.

Check out some photos below or head on over to eBay for a complete rundown.  Price as of writing this is $4,999.00 with no bids received.