Danny Thompson’s 264 MPH Crash at the 2010 Bonneville World Finals


In a previous post we told you about Danny Thompson, son of the late Mickey Thompson who was building a 300 MPH Ford Mustang in hopes of breaking his own world record run of 255 MPH.  Well, back in October during the 2010 Bonneville World Finals Danny set out to do just that but things got derailed as his Ford Mustang lifted off the salt at 264 MPH sending the car flipping end over end.  When the Mustang lifted off the salt the first time it traveled eleven hundred feet before it touched down again and started to flip.  By some miracle and the great safety equipment built into his Mustang Danny suffered no injuries at all.  Below is an inside view of what Danny went through during the crash.

Danny’s specially prepared Ford Mustang included a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 Cobra Jet modular motor.  The engine features four-valve CNC heads, custom fabricated inlet for twin 105MM throttle bodies and a Kenne Bell liquid-cooled twin-screw supercharger.  The Mustang was built by Hajek Motorsports and Accufab Performance.