3D Rendering of 2015 Ford Mustang with 360-degree view


We are coming down to the wire if the rumors are true about a December unveiling for the 2015 Ford Mustang and why not stir the pot with even more 3D renderings. The latest renderings of the next generation Mustang give us a 360-degree spinning view and it comes to us via Mustang6G forum member ‘chazcron’.

Having spent countless hours on his Mustang renders over the past several months ‘chazcron’ ┬áhas kicked it up a notch with a spinning view of his latest creation. The sleek and smooth lines created by chazcron have us wondering could this be the next pony car. Check out the new renders below plus the 360-degree video.

3D-2015Mustang_02 3D-2015Mustang_04

3D-2015Mustang_03 3D-2015Mustang_01