2008 Saleen SA-25 Sterling Edition Mustang: Ultimate Guide

2008 Saleen Mustang (SA-25 Sterling Edition)

Saleen Autosport celebrated their 25th year of operation by producing a limited edition SA-25 Sterling Edition Mustang. Like with all their anniversaries models only 25 models will be produced to correspond to the years in business at a pricetag of $99,995.

Producing limited-edition anniversary Saleen’s is nothing new as they have done this for the last 25 years every 5 years. In 1988 they produced the SA-5, SA-10 in 1993, SA-15 in 1998, SA-20 in 2003 and now the SA-25 which will be by far the most powerfull of all the anniversary models.

The SA-25 is based off the S302 Extreme and will get the same supercharged engine producing 620 horsepower & 600 lb-ft of torque with a push-button electric start. Some exterior features that will make the SA-25 more unique include 5-spoke forged wheels, handpainted “Gun Sight” racing stripes and anniversary fender badges. Interior treatments will include Black Diamond alcantara seats with leather accents, a navigation system and serialized plaque.

For buyers purchasing the SA-25 they will be treated with nothing but the best by getting a first class flight to Detroit, limo transportation from the airport, dinner with Saleen brass, a hosted tour of the Saleen plant, and a custom leather jacket among other things. No details on when the limited edition Saleen will be available.