1997 Ford Mustang SVO Woodward Dream Cruise: Ultimate Guide

1997 Ford Mustang SVO Woodward Dream Cruise

1997 SVO Woodward Dream Cruise Mustang

Essentially a Detroit-area commemorative “Dealer Special” along the lines of so many Regional Special Editions that have dotted Mustang history over the years, these cars are quite rare and very special. It all started in 1995 when a small group formed together to create a special one-day Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise, a trip from Detroit to Pontiac. They decided to make it a yearly event. It was a smash hit, attracting over a million spectators and thousands of hot cars from street rods to classics to factory muscle.

In order to commemorate the Dream Cruise, Ford decided to make a very, very limited edition Mustang. Thanks to Richard Bartus of the Ford Dealers Advertising Group who endorsed the idea to build a special edition 1997 Mustang, featuring the iconic Blue-over-White color scheme of the 1965-66 Shelby GT-350.

Ford Motor Company and ASC joined forces to build what would be known as The Woodward Dream Cruise Edition Mustang for the 1997 Woodward Dream Cruise. 58 of the SVO Woodward Dream Cruise Mustangs were produced. All of them had the same white, with blue Shelby-style stripes, each is individually numbered, and they all have a placard on the dash and special side badging.

Ford’s Dearborn Assembly Plant shipped cars to A.S.C for the transformation into Woodward Dream Cruise Edition Mustangs, which included the following:

• Special tuned BORLA stainless steel exhaust housed in SVO side exhaust covers
• Shelby style air intake on quarter panels
• Chrome hood pins
• Razor Blue center body strips
• White powder coated 17″ aluminum rims with Goodyear Eagle ZR45’S
• Commemorative Woodward Dream Cruise badge on fenders
• Limited Edition car number and date dash plaque