1967 Shelby GT350

1967 Shelby GT350: Ultimate In-Depth Guide

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1967 Shelby GT350

The 1967 Shelby Mustang was available in two basic models: the GT350 carrying the high performance 289 V8 and the GT500 hauling the larger 428 ci V8. Shelby now began parting ways from the basic Mustang model. The new 1967 Shelby model was drastically restyled to give off looks of performance, while also being able to deliver performance. A unique grill with two 7 inch driving lights could be found under the fiberglass nose extension, which was exaggerated from the production Mustang. Although most ’67 Shelbys had these driving lights mounted close together in the center of the grill, some can be found with the driving lights mounted at each end of the grill to comply with some states lighting laws. Additional hood pins were added to the fiberglass hood which had a functional hood scoop. In the rear of the car, upper and lower scoops could be found, however, the lower scoops were only functional on early ’67’s. At the rear of the car was a fiberglass deck lid with a spoiler, as were tail lights from the 1967 Cougar, without the chrome trim.

The Deluxe Mustang interior came in either black or parchment, and was outlined with a two-point roll bar (some early cars had a four-point) which anchored a pair of inertia reel harnesses. All cars came with the rear fold-down seat, a 140 mph speedometer and 8000 rpm tachometer. The oil pressure and amps, which were both additional Stewart Warner gauges, were mounted in a special housing found underneath the dash.

All ’67 Shelbys came with the familiar GT350 or GT500 rocker panel stripes, a front grille emblem, front fender emblems, a rear deck emblem and a pop-open gas cap which had a Shelby Cobra cover. Some of the early cars have flat caps, but most other have curved caps.

The GT350 Shelby came with the modified 289ci 271hp engine, which was once again rated at 306hp. However, they did not have the Tri-Y headers and most did not have the Cobra oil pan. The GT350 four-speed cars used a Holley 715 cfm carburetor while the automatics used a Ford 595 cfm four-barrel. Most of the early cars came with the S2MS numbered aluminum high-rise intake manifolds while the later cars used the S7MS unit. In other areas, the 289 was the same as the 1966 model. Ford’s 428ci Police Interceptor, modified of course, V-8 could be found in the GT500 model. This carried a pair of rear-mounted 600 cfm Holley carburetors mounted on an aluminum intake manifold. On top of these was an oval Cobra finned air cleaner which matched the Cobra Lemans aluminum finned valve covers. The powerful 428 was rated at shoving out 355 horses.

An extremely small number of more powerful 427 Medium Riser V-8s were installed at the factory or at the selling dealer. These engines produced 425hp. The exact number made is not known.

The GT350 still had the Paxton Supercharger as an available option.

The standard wheel on the Shelby Mustang was a steel rim with a wheel cover, which are quite rare. More common wheels are the Kelsey-Hayes styled steel wheels or the cast aluminum Shelby ten-spoke wheels measured at 15×7 inches.

Only some 1967 cars have 3 inch round tailpipe extensions while others used the quad exhaust extensions from the GT Mustang.

Also, only some Shelby VIN tags were hand-lettered. Most cares with the outboard headlights also contain the letter “Z” preceding the serial number on the VIN plate.

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1967 Shelby GT350 Specs & Prices

Retail Prices

Shelby GT350: $3,995
Shelby GT500: $4,195
Power disc brakes: $63.77
Power steering: $84.47
Shoulder harness: $50.76
Select-O-Matic transmission: $50.00
Air conditioner, SelectAire: $356.09
Exhaust emission control system: $45.45
Closed crankcase emission system: $5.19
Fold-down rear seat (mandatory): $64.77
Radio, AM push-button: $57.51
Deluxe wheels: $185.00
Rallye stripe: $34.95
Paxton Supercharger (GT350 only): $549.00

Available Exterior Colors

Bronze Metallic 1
Dark Blue Metallic 2
Raven Black 3
Wimbledon White 4
Dark Moss Green 5
Medium Metallic Gray 6
Lime Green 7
Brittany Blue 8
Red 0
Medium Blue/Acapulco Blue
Silver Frost

Available Interior Trim Codes

Black A
Parchment or White U
Some early cars have no interior code on the VIN.


Wheelbase: 108″
Front Track: 58″
Rear Track: 58″
Overall Height: 51.6″
Overall Width: 70.9″
Overall Length: 186.6″
Ground Clearance: 6.5″
Crank Case: 5 quart
Cooling System: 20 quart
Gas Tank: 18 gallons

Curb Weight

GT350: 3,360 lbs.
GT500: 3,370 lbs.


Front: 11.3″ Kelsey-Hayes discs
Rear: 10 x 2.5″ drums

Vehicle Identification Numbers – Shelby

67 – Year
2 – Engine (2-289, 4-428)
0 – Transmission (0-4-speed, 1-automatic)
0 – Base vehicle component (0-base vehicle, 1-Ford air conditioning, 2-Thermactor exhaust emission, 3-air conditioning and Thermactor exhaust)
F – Body style (F-fastback)
2 – Exterior color code
A – Interior trim
00001 – Consecutive unit number, 00001 to 3225
Example: 67200F2A00001

VIN Location

Stamped plate is pop-riveted on driver’s side inner front fender panel, over the Ford VIN; VIN is also stamped on passenger’s side inner fender panel halfway between the firewall and radiator.

Vehicle Identification Numbers – Ford

7 – Last digit of model year
R – Assembly plant (R-San Jose)
02 – Body code (02-2dr fastback)
K – Engine Code (K-271hp 289, Q-428ci)
0001 – Consecutive unit number
Example: 7R02K00001

Stamped plate is pop-riveted on driver’s side inner front fender panel, over the Ford VIN; VIN is also stamped on passenger’s side inner fender panel halfway between the firewall and radiator.

VIN Location

Stamped on driver’s side fender panel, underneath the Shelby VIN plate; stamped on passenger’s and driver’s side inner front fender panel near the outside edge of the shock tower, visibly only when fender is removed; on some GT350’s, it is stamped on the engine block beneath the front exhaust port on the passenger’s side; on four-speed cars, it is stamped on the transmission case.

1967 Shelby GT350 Performance



0-30 mph: 2.8 sec.
0-40 mph: 3.6 sec.
0-50 mph: 5.6 sec.
0-60 mph: 7.1 sec.
0-70 mph: 9.0 sec.
0-80 mph: 11.8 sec.
0-100 mph: 19.03 sec.
Quarter Mile: 15.3 sec. @ 91 mph
Top Speed: 129 mph @ 6,100 rpm


0-30 mph: 2.8 sec.
0-60 mph: 4.8 sec.
Quarter Mile: 13.6 sec. @ 106 mph
Top Speed: 133 mph @ 5,100 rpm

1967 Shelby GT350 Production Numbers

GT350: 1,175
GT500: 2,048
GT500 Notchback Prototype: 1
GT500 Convertible Prototype: 1
Total: 3,225

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