1967 Mustang High Country Special – Ultimate Guide

Denver Special

1967 High Country Special

1967 Mustang High Country Special

The High Country Special was again available in 1967. This time 416 were produced, and again all three colors were available: Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold and Timberline Green. All three body styles were available just as with the 1966 Mustang High Country Special. All cars were also built only at the San Jose plant.

Dealers were once again able to place the emblems where they wished. The brass HSC emblem was most often screwed to the body just behind the front wheel with three sheet metal screws.

Just like the 1966 version, the 1967 High Country Specials didn’t have a lot of things to differentiate them from the standard Mustang. With the exception of the three colors options of Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, or Timberline Green and the special badging with the running horse logo above a mountain skyline, that was about it in terms of special features. The High Country Specials were available in all three body styles.

Colors & Identification

Check out the 1967 Mustang Colors information page and find images of the three available colors here at Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold or Timberline Green pages. Below is some paint specific information:

Ford Paint # Dupont # Ditzler (PPG) # **
1966-1967 Aspen Gold MX 708815 93-96705 81434
1966-1967 Columbine Blue MX 700852 75757 11666
1966 Timberline Green MX 7041278 76358-H 42750
1967 Timberline Green MX 7041537 93-83789 42854

The key to identifying a 1966-67 HCS is it’s unique six digit DSO and blank paint color code on the data place. The first two digits of the DSO will be 51 indicating the Denver sales district. The next 4 digits indicate one of the three special order paint colors. Because of this special order the paint code area on the door data plate will be blank.