Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat Metallic 2011 Mustang in plain sight


For the first time we are seeing photos of a Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat Metallic 2011 Mustang out of a showroom and under the sun.  The new color for the 2011 Mustang has been talked about on countless Mustang forums but with only a handful of photos from the North American International Auto Show we really could not get a true understanding of what the color looked like in natural light.  The Yellow Blaze 2011 Mustang you are looking at above is a V6 model with 19-inch painted wheels.  Check after the jump for a full gallery of photos and let me know what you think in the comments.

    1. Just ordered a cov, 2012 yellow blaze can’t wait until it gets here white just doesn’t cut it…….

  1. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. At least orange will be back although it will probably only be on Boss, which will be unaffordable to most. Hope orange is offered on Gt since yellow blaze stinks or will have to consider Challenger or Camaro, who have decent color selections. Shame, I have owned alot of muscle cars, this would have been first Mustang which is my choice with 5.0 if they had decent color selection.


      1. Jake, you are obviously an idiot who doesn’t know his az from first base or came up with this shit color for ford. If I spend 35K for a car it willbe be in color I want, not not just because it is a Mustang

  2. I am mixed. I was hoping the color would have more Yellow in it but it almost looks like a gold mist. I will wait to pass my final judgement when I see it in person.

      1. Actually this color, like the grabber orange from a few years back is one of those that changes in lighting..
        I bought one.. At times it looks almost lemon yellow with a sparkle to it and other times it looks almost a very light yellow/gold color…
        I admit I ordered it blind — seeing nothing other than the Detroit Auto Show pictures.. but I must admit I do like it, even if it is not as yellow
        as I had hoped it would be…

        1. I got mine today. Its the best Mustang color to date. I’m sure glad I didn’t get the red one. It looks really good with the preformance package…….

  3. Glad to see we are getting some comments around here. I did not realize Mustang colors were going to get everybody so fired up or I would write about them all the time. Keep the comments coming.

  4. What the hell was wrong with Sunset Gold. You know, for people
    with taste , I’m sick of the same old unadventurous crap ! They never
    give decent colors a chance.

  5. Damn if these pics are accurate it looks even worse than that piss yellow they had from 2000-2003. And all that when Ford actually has a beautiful beautiful shade of yellow that they sold so many years as Canary, Chrome or Screaming Yellow (basically all the same).

    Shame 🙁

  6. I have a 5.0L in this color with a black racing stipe down the middle. Has the hood scoop, side scoops, side louvers, etc. Also got a supercharger and long tube headers and complete exhaust upgrade. Most comments I get from the crowds is the gorgeous color. I tell you this car gets stares every time I drive it.

  7. If your going to spend approx. 35k on a new mustang, be sure it’s something that you want prior to dishing out those kinds of funds. As for myself; I purchased a 2011 Tri-Coat Yellow 5.0 with black rally strips, brembo brakes, 3.73 gears, navigation and I love it, awesome color/awesome car. I can’t wait to install Borla cat backs, steeda cold air intake, boss intake and an act tune.

  8. We bought an 11 Stang in Blaze Yellow and its GORGEOUS. To be honest, your pics here dont do it justice and are washed out. The color is very vibrant and a cross between orange and yellow. Sunlight angles make it turn all sorts of shades of orange and yellow. SIMPLY GORGEOUS. Just cant find accessories yet prepainted in the color. Grrrrrrrrrr. The car is the 305hp v6 and all I can say is holy crap… flies! The GTs with 100 hp more must be amazing to drive.

    1. I have the 2011 V6 Mustang in Yellow Blaze Metallic too!!!! I would have to agree with you. The color is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t count anymore of the number of people who stopped and just stare at my car, or the ones that follow me in a store to ask me about the color. The pictures DO NOT give the color justice. I love my car at night when you are parked in a parking lot. It really shines then!!! I can’t wait though to modify mine.

  9. My wife and I have a 1999 35th anniversary in the Electric Green, another cool color people ask about. We rented a 2011 Yellow Blaze while on vacation in FL. We had so many people asking what color it was because it stood out in the light popping with awesome color hues. We came back to CT and went to order a new one only to find out that they already built out the color for 2011 and can omly order one in Jan 2012. I wish Ford would let you order what you want when you want, but we can wait until 2012.

  10. These pictures don’t really do justice for the color. I just picked up a 2011 GT w/ the Side/Hood/Roof Black stripes and the yellow just looks awesome. I never wanted a yellow mustang based on pics but if you look at it, you may change your mind. Color is different from dusk to day to night. Very cool.

  11. My husband and I brought a 2012 V6 yellow blaze, 26,000 miles pony premium package love the color added side scoops, side window louvers, taillight covers all pre painted yellow blaze and hood darts a killer looking car, also added pre painted cold air intake, shorty ceramic headers and axle back stingers, love the look and added sound

  12. When are you making a yellow blaze metallic mustang convertible again….I purchased mine in 2011/12 and love it and would buy a new car if you repeated the color…almost every week I’m complimented on the color but I drive my car and it won’t last forever…I’m from Pittsburgh and it’s the perfect car for me…

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