Video: Tour of AE Performance’s Massive Car Collection with Mustangs galore


Take a tour through one of the more amazing car collections we have seen in recent years at West coast tuning shop AE Performance.  In the video Matt Farah of TheSmokingTire walks you through their storage facility full of Saleen Mustangs, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and BMW’s.  According to Farah its the largest collection of Saleen Mustangs in the world and we are not doubting it for a minute.

Some of the Mustangs in the garage include a 1993 Cobra R, 2013 and 2012 Shelby GT500’s, 1993 Saleen SA-10, 1993 Saleen SSC, S281 Extreme, Yellow Saleen S351 and several more Fox Body Saleen Mustangs.  Its truly a sight to see all those Saleen Mustangs in one garage.  Check out the video below.