Video: Kid steals Shelby GT500 for a night of Street Racing, Hits a Deer


Note to self, never take your friends fathers Shelby GT500 out for a spin without his knowledge.  The story goes, the dude driving the car is a 19 year-old kid who does yard work and washes his friends fathers vehicles who spends most of his time out of town.  Somehow the kid broke into the garage and obtained the keys to the Shelby GT500 which only had 1300 miles on it.  He than took it out for a night of street racing and cruising around with some friends

all the while racking up over 400 miles on the car.  At some point during the night they were driving the GT500 down a dark road when out of nowhere a deer darts across the road just missing another vehicle coming the opposite way, unfortunately the Shelby GT500 was hit on the passenger side.  The damage was fairly extensive — mirror busted, rear quarter panel dented in pretty bad and the rear wheel was damaged.

Since the video was posted online the authorities have been called in to investigate what really went on and the owner has been notified.

Whats ironic about the video is the dudes friends in the car were talking about hitting a deer just seconds before they actually hit it.  After they hit the deer the video gets PRICELESS!

My favorite line:  “The Mirror, OH GOD — OH MY GOD……”