Video: Fox Body Mustang jumps 70 feet after leaving track at Willow Springs Raceway


American Iron Extreme (AIX) Outlaw racing is not known for its dramatic crashes but recently Steve Butscher and his Fox Body Mustang found out the hard way that going off course is not the best thing for your car. Steve and his Fox Body Mustang caught some dirt on turn 8 at Willow Springs Raceway and slid through the field and eventually hit a burm at over 100 mph sending his car through the air some 70 feet before slamming into a brick retaining wall.

Its an amazing crash to say the least but to have in car video of the whole event is even more spectacular.  In the video Steve recalls what went wrong as he left the course and headed for danger.  Thankfully Steve received only minor bumps and bruises due in large part to the extensive safety equipment he was using.  Check out the video below.