Video: Ford to unveil mystery performance vehicle on November 17th, maybe a GT350


Ford has been keeping us on the edge of our seats with a series of teaser videos showcasing their performance heritage and racing prowess. What do these videos mean and what is the mystery vehicle they will unveil on November 17? The easy answer is to say Ford will unveil the much rumored Shelby on November 17 but something tells me we are in for a surprise.

So far Ford has released four videos of a five part series. I have posted all four videos below so you can watch and make a decision for yourself on what they will be unveiling on November 17. At least we know its a Mustang of some sorts, maybe a GT350 or maybe some type of track oriented Mustang.

Ford Performance Heritage: (Video 1 of 5)

Ford Performance driving DNA: (Video 2 of 5)

Ford performance and powertrain: (Video 3 of 5)

Ford performance design: (Video 4 of 5)