Video: Classic Mustang makes getaway, shop worker saves the day


For those of us who own manual transmission vehicles this video footage is probably a reenactment of previous events. I know for me this exact scenario played out in my driveway as I parked my vehicle in my garage.

The story goes the classic Mustang was brought in for a parking break issue and sure enough the shop worker finds out real quick he can’t take his eye off this pony. While driving the Mustang into the shop garage he noticed a drip pan in his way so he exits the vehicle leaving the door openand forgetting to set the parking brake.

What happens next is a minor miracle. The shop worker notices the Mustang starting to roll away and the door is open. Just before the Mustang rolls out of the shop he slams the door shut then jumps into the driver seat and stops the Mustang.

It was a quick save and relief for the worker who forgot to set the parking brake. Check out the video below to see how tense the situation was. Shop cameras captured the action inside and outside the garage.