Video: 2014 Mustang Mayhem Dyno Challenge: Coyote’s vs. GT500’s


Back in early April American Muscle held their annual ‘Mustang Mayhem’ dyno challenge with six of the baddest Coyote and GT500 Mustangs around. Mustang Mayhem pits two teams of three vehicles each against each other in a dyno winner take all. Each vehicle has the dyno for 30 minutes and within the time frame they can do as many runs as they want. When the time runs out whatever the last dyno run says is the number you get so beware of pressing your luck.

This year AM chose to have a team of three Shelby GT500’s with basic bolt-on’s and a team of 5.0-liter Coyote Mustangs with anything goes. Its Team GT500 vs. Team Coyote in a winner take all dyno round robin. You might think the GT500’s are no match for the 5.0-liter Coyotes but as you will find it comes down to the last dyno run. Check out the entire competition in the video below.

Team GT500 - Mustang Mayhem_orange

Team Coyote - Mustang Mayhem (1)

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