Video: 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake vs. Nissan GT-R Drag Race

The video above pits the 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake with it’s 630 horsepower against Godzilla, the aptley named Nissan GT-R with all-wheel drive and 474 horsepower. After watching this video you realize two things, the folks who made the video Motor Trend obviously are homers for the Nissan GT-R and two, the Shelby GT500 Super Snake with it’s 630 horsepower should never lose this race no matter the circumstances. This video from such a trused name in the automotive world baffles me as they get it completely wrong. Maybe I am off base with my assumptions but somebody please back me up. Check out the video and give me your thoughts.

  1. I do not know how good the launch was because even though you don’t hear the tires screeching it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good launch. However, what the most disturbing part of this video is that no times were posted in the end. Doesn’t it make you wonder what exactly were they hiding? Also it is a given fact that the tires used on the super snake are terrible for that kind of car. The tires were so bad that the GT 500 runs faster times than the super snake. If you don’t believe me look up the article on motor trend were they did the muscle car war Super Snake Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger. It is all proven in that article. Now the GTR is a great car without a doubt but when it comes to drag racing the truth is it should have lost. I look at this test as being rigged!!!

    1. My stock 08 GT500 is impossible to launch hard without tire spin through first and depending on the road 2nd. This was not a good effort by the driver of the snake. That said big power and awd will always prevail over big power and rwd unless it has drag slicks. Now no matter what the outcome of this bogus race was, if you drive both of these cars for an extended period you will prefer the total package that is the shelby. Ride quality, fun factor, noise level, no jap car has been built that can even come close.

  2. i dont want to hear the the super snake is faster if it had drags… ford either should build the car right with the right tires or dont bother making the snake…make it apples to apples…stock to stock setup…

  3. so rigged for the nissan to win. shelby didnt even launch good. if they where actauly on it tires would be smoking even with traction control on. and when the shelby go by the finish line you dont even here the super charger whistling. my buddys dad drove a gt500 and it was stock be sides borla exhaust axle back and you heard the super charger over the engine.

  4. Ford doesn’t make the super snake – Shelby does. And they simply don’t replace the tires. Though, given the drubbing in said Motor Trend article, I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t change.

  5. Yup, and all the tests against the other cars by other people were also bogus I guess…

    Come on people. Yoiu guys are flamin because Nissan wins. If nissan wins, it is bogus according to you. That is fanboy talk.

    It is not nissan conducting all the tests. If it was not fast and good, it would not have won all the stuff it did so far. (Not speaking of japan.) Car of the year and so forth.

    Rather except that another car is good, than trying to make excuses why your hype car lost. Winning is winning. Losing is losing. This was stock vs stock. Meaning no changes.

    PS. Would everybody in the world posting a nissan gtr video be rigged?

  6. I recently ran into a GT 500 with over 700HP at the wheels. Although fun to drive you just cannot beat physics, if you cannot put the power to the ground the car wont go. The Mustang is a fantastic car, but its weight of almost 2 tons with just rear wheel drive limit what you can do.

    In the drivers seat, the car pulls like no other, but smoking the tires means slow times, no smoke means your not wasting your time and moving right along.

    The nissan is lighter, awd and will kill the snake on a track. That being said, I will take my GT500 and enjoy it, I just wont race a GTR, or a Viper, or a Z06.

  7. On very last thing.

    Remember the Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4? They had a convertable hardtop that sold for around 80,000.00 dollars US. 320 hp, awd. it was a pretty awesome car.

    Now you can pick them up for 10-12 thousand with low miles on them. Thats a car that ended production in 1999. So in 11 years it lost 6 grand a year in Value. And I doubt very much if the will ever gain any back.

    Shelbys and any american car will generally hold a much better value. And although there are classic Foreign cars, it usually takes 40-60 years to make them desireable. 60s shelbys are MEGA desirable and have been for over 30 years, but what 60s cars from Japan are even collectable?

    So I will take my Shelby GT500 and enjoy the heck out of it, and keep it for a few years.

  8. My Supersnake has 880 rwhp and i have no problem killing AWD imports off the line. True 1st – 3rd are gone, but why smash the throttle down against a 300-600hp import, toy with them, give them a few car lengths head start while u get to 4th gear then drop the hammer and blow a kiss to the import drivers girlfriend as u disappear into the distance at 175 mph. Street Racing is fun! I also recommend rolling start races for GT500 and Supersnake drivers, you will never lose to anything foreign or domestic. Just beware of ENZO’s, was winning till i redlined around 180 and watched helplessly as she (the driver) slowly pulled away above 200mph.

  9. This is an old thread so nobody might ever read this, but oh well. I have read car magazines since the late 50’s. There was once a time when real drivers drove cars and reported the ride. Now it seems you buy an article about your car. Obviously articles are also written at random, but the difference is apparent. If anyone on Earth thinks that the media and the word “FACTS” belong in the same sentence, then please contact me for this bridge I have for sale.

    I have a GT 500, it took me almost 3 months to learn how to control the power. I have driven a lot of cars since I started driving in 1961. My Cobra is by far the most powerful car I’ve ever driven. The driver in the video was either holding back to make sure the boost on the supercharger never came on or fell asleep during the launch. He was driving a car that had 200 more horsepower to the rear wheels than my car. Please, give me a break!?!?!? Read this stuff and enjoy it, but don’t read any truth into what the media tells you.

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