“Unexpected Turn”, Father and Son Mustang Unleashed Story

“Unexpected Turn” is the latest Mustang Unleashed video posted by Ford for “The ’10 Unleashed” Mustang campaign. Joe Cram and his father Ralph Cram got the opportunity to drive a 2010 Ford Mustang from Houston to Michigan to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Along the way they stopped at the Kentuckey Speedway for some laps around the track.  They also got the chance to drag race head to head at Milan Dragway along with meeting Jack Roush.The dream of hitting the open road and taking that unexpected turn appeals to the Mustang side in all of us. The Ford Mustang brings generations together unlike any vehicle on the market and Ford was able to make the dream of Joseph Cram and his father come true with the ultimate unexpected turn.Joseph Cram, known as Hot Rod Joe, and his father Ralph Cram always dreamt of taking a road trip together in a Ford Mustang. In fact, the Houston resident and his father spent years rebuilding their very own ’68 Mustang Coupe with the hopes to someday drive the vehicle together across country, until they were forced to sell their vehicle due to the tough economic times. Sixteen years later, the Crams dream of cruising in a Mustang became a reality when they were given the opportunity to take a road trip from Houston to Detroit and participate in the Woodward Dream Cruise – one of the largest automotive gatherings in the world.

The Crams experience was made possible by participating in Ford Motor Companys The 10 Unleashed program, which encourages consumers to submit entries describing their ultimate Mustang dream experience in 250 words or less. Videos chronicling the father and son unleashing their Mustang sides are featured at www.the2010mustang.com.

Source: Ford Motor Company