Top Ten List of most common passwords includes ‘Mustang’


Over on National Geographic’s site they have posted a top ten list of the most common passwords used for email and website logins.  Making the list in the number ten spot is a word we know very well around here, ‘Mustang’.  Its an American icon and above all a very easy word to rememberso it makes sense its on the list.  Others making the list include ‘123456’, ‘password’ and ‘dragon’ which baffles me a bit but what do I know.  The list was compiled by security expert Mark Burnett (no relation to Survivor creator Mark Burnett) of Perfect Passwords.

I bet there are a bunch of you who will read this and scramble to change your ‘Mustang’ passwords asap after reading this.  Check out the complete list below of the top ten most common passwords.  It might be time for a password change after reading them.

Top Ten Most Common Passwords

1. 123456

2. password

3. 12345678

4. 1234

5. **** (not published due to vulgarity)

6. 12345

7. dragon

8. qwerty

9. 696969

10. mustang

Source: National Geographic