By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the spy shots of the camouflaged Ford Mustang Convertible we all believe is the upcoming Shelby GT500 model, powered by a massive 7.3-Liter V8, possibly supercharged and most likely capable of some amazing performance, but what we all expect from a GT500 are looks, and apart from carbon fiber wheels and four rather large exhaust pipes on the test mule, it didn’t really show much design elements for the upcoming GT500 model, which is most likely to be released in 2025, both as a Coupe and as a Convertible.

However, leave it to some amazing 3D artists on YouTube to put together a virtual look into the future, first up is hycade, with a truly intimidating black Shelby GT500:

But we also have two other videos below for your enjoyment until we get to see the real deal in a few years: