‘The ’10 Unleashed’ Mustang Campaign Culmination Trailer

Ford Motor Company began ‘The ’10 Unleashed’ Mustang campaign with a question: How would you unleash your Mustang side if nothing were holding you back? That one question spawned thousands of responses which Ford sifted through and chose the ten best which they made into short films. The culmination video above shows you a small snippet of each of the nine videos thus far.

The final video for ‘The ’10 Unleashed’ campaign will be released later today but for now we do know the final Mustang unleashed video is titled “Mustang Spellbinder”. As you will see at the end of the trailer a 2010 Mustang GT smokes it’s tires right in front of Bellagio’s Hotel & Casino. Could we be see an illusion involving the 2010 Mustang, maybe. Check back for the full version of “Mustang Spellbinder”.