September 2009 Ford Mustang Sales Figures

mustang-sales-downSales of Ford Mustangs for September of 2009 were 4,917 compared to 4,910 from September of 2008 showing a 0.1% increase in sales from the previous year. Year to date Mustang sales are 51,680 compared to 78,871 for 2008, which is a 34.5% drop.

I would have to say this is another disapointing month of sales given the refresh of the 2010 Mustang and how low sales are.  The effects of a bad economy and competition from the Camaro and Challenger are taking it’s toll.  To juice sales a bit Ford has come out with two incentive deals.  The first is $2,000 cash back and the second is 0% financing plus $1,000 cash back.  Lets hope these incentives get people in the buying mood.

Previous months Mustang sales are below:

August – 6,289

July – 6,686

June – 7,632

May – 8,812

April – 7,699

March – 3,711

February – 2,990

January – 2,944 (Official Record Monthly low in history)

Source: Ford Motor Company