1963 Mustang II (Concept Car) – Ultimate Guide

Mustang II Concept

The Second Mustang Prototype: Mustang II

Eugene Bordiant’s Advanced Styling Studio created the Mustang II in 1963 to test consumer and press reaction. Looking more like what would become the production Mustang, with a 108in wheelbase, the car ran a 271 hp High Performance V-8.

This car bore a closer resemblance to the production Mustang still six months away from introduction, though styling cues, such as the rear quarter chrome trim, taillights, and jutting grille, provided a number of detail hints of the 1966 and 1967 models. Touted as the prototype for a ‘two-plus-two…that might sell for less than $3,000, the car ran a 271hp High Performance V8, identical to the one used in the Shelby Cobra sports car. Its wheelbase measured 108in (the same as the production Mustang), and its overall length of 186.6in was 5in longer than the production model.

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