Rumor: Train Derailment in Texas destroys Five 2012 Mustang Boss 302’s and Three Laguna Seca models


**Update** – We have an email into Ford PR who is checking on the validity of the rumor.  Will update you when I get more.

A train derailment in Corsicana, Texas (south of Dallas) back on April 26th may have destroyed some very precious cargo in the way of five 2012 Mustang Boss 302’s and three Laguna Seca edition models.  A Union Pacific freight train traveling with 75 rail cars and three locomotives derailed on its way to Spring, Texas (Houston area) where it was delivering vehicles to area dealerships.  There is a rumor those vehicles included eight new Mustang Boss models but we have yet to confirm it with Ford.

Over on theMustangSource forums a member posted the unlikely news and said his brother received a call from a Houston Ford Dealership where he ordered his Laguna Seca model to break the bad news.  Even more bad news is those damaged vehicles will likely meet the crusher without having any chance of being parted out.  According to another forum member when vehicles are involved in transport accidents those vehicles are crushed and replacement vehicles are built in their place typically on a fast track order.

The railcars involved had an alphanumeric reading of ETTX850137 and another of ETTX700791 which was laying on its side.

If you are in the Houston, Texas area and have ordered a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 you might want to check the status as it may have been damaged.

Check back for updates as they come in.