Reverse Sensing System for 2012 Mustang with Photo


For the 2012 Ford Mustang we are seeing a first of its kind option in the form of a Reverse Sensing System.  This type of system is usually found on larger SUV’s, Trucks, Minivans and luxury cars with limited visibility in the rear but lately they are becoming more commonplace on smaller vehicles.  As someone who has had this type system on an SUV I can honestly say its an option worth every penny.

The reverse sensing system provides you with a series of beeps to let you know how close you are getting to another vehicle or large object.  As your vehicle gets closer to the object or vehicle the beeps increase in speed.  The system uses four sensors which are mounted to the rear of the car as seen in the photo above.   The reverse sensing system is bundled with a security package that includes an active anti-theft system and wheel locking kit all for $695.  The Reverse Sensing System is available as an option on all base V6, V6 Premium, base GT and GT Premium Mustangs.

Reverse Sensing System and Security Package – $695 (available on base V6, V6 Premium, base GT and GT Premium)

  • Reverse Sensing System
  • Active Anti-Theft System
  • Wheel Locking Kit