Redesigned Mustang Customizer Coming to Android, Apple and Desktop Devices

Mustang Customizer

Launched back in 2009, the Mustang Customizer has been a huge success for Ford Motor Company with over 5.4 million custom Mustangs built and 1.6 million app downloads. Following the redesign of the all-new 2015 Mustang, Ford’s marketing team knew they had to deliver a redesigned Mustang Customizer. New for the Mustang Customizer app is dynamic 3-D rendering with improved graphics allowing the car to be viewed from every possible angle. Enthusiasts and fans can share their customized Mustangs across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Press Release:

Like the hot-selling all-new Ford Mustang, Ford’s popular Mustang Customizer app has been redone, allowing fans of the iconic pony car to design the car of their dreams like never before. Featuring the 2015 Ford Mustang, the new Customizer app allows fans of the iconic pony car to build their dream Mustang in any color imaginable using dozens of parts – including wheels, spoilers and body panels. Once created, the Mustang Customizer app can help identify local dealers with a similar Mustang in stock.

The redesigned customizer is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A desktop version is set to follow.

“When we launched the Mustang Customizer in 2009, it was massively popular,” said Andrea Zuehlk, Digital Marketing Manager. “With more than 5.4 million custom Mustangs built and more than 1.6 million app downloads since 2012, we knew we had to deliver a redesigned experience to complement the redesigned 2015 Mustang. Ford is the only company to offer a unique app like Mustang Customizer and our fans just can’t get enough of it.”

New for Mustang Customizer is dynamic 3-D rendering with improved graphics, allowing the car to be viewed from nearly every imaginable angle. Images of customized Mustangs can now be shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

From dream garage to your garage: Dealer stock locater coming to app
To help Mustang fans find their dream car, a new dealer locator search tool has been added to the Mustang Customizer app.

When a custom Mustang is created on the app or on the website, key aspects of the car – color, trim and engine choice – are input into a dealer inventory database, identifying dealers that have a similar Mustang in stock.

“Not only is the Mustang Customizer fun, but it allows Mustang fans to visualize their dream Mustang with any number of modifications,” said Zuehlk. “Once fans build their dream Mustang, we want to give them a head start toward making that dream a reality by identifying a Mustang at a local dealership that is most similar to their creation.”

Exciting new features coming to make virtual Mustangs more realistic than ever
Other features fans have been asking for are on tap for the new tool as well, including a video-creation mode and the ability to place a custom Mustang anywhere in the world via Google Streetview, a feature debuting in the second quarter of 2015, along with a new interactive racing game coming later this year.