Project Resolution: Eastwood restores 1989 5.0 Fox Body on a $7,000 budget


Restoring any type of vehicle can be difficult, time consuming and costly at times unless you have at your disposal one of the largest inventories of automotive parts and tools on the planet.  Enter the Eastwood company who has taken on the project of restoring a 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX Fox Body to its former glory.  It may sound simple in theory but as Eastwood digs into the car they find more than they bargained for.

Their project is dubbed ‘Project Resolution’ and they will have to stay the course if they want to finish this Fox in time to unveil it by mid-Summer.  You would think the project budget would be endless considering the company behind it but not so fast as they have imposed a parts budget of just $7,000 for this tired Fox.

So far the team at Eastwood has taken apart the font end, done a compression test, removed the fenders, headlights and the engine/transmission along with stripping the interior. The compression test was done to check the condition of the engine to see if it would be a viable powerplant moving forward. The test turned out good as all cylinders were between 130 psi and 145 psi.

Below I have posted three videos of their progress. As the project continues I will post more updates. Enjoy…

Introduction to Project Resolution:

Phase One: Project Resolution

Phase Two: Project Resolution