Polished Aluminum Cobra Wrecks into Creek a few Miles from my House

cobra_crash_06This past weekend a few miles from where I live here in Arlington, Texas a 57-year-old man lost control of his polished Aluminum Cobra replica and ended up in a waterway adjacent to the roadway.  The driver of the replica Cobra was attending an event called Texas Autocross Weekend at the University of Texas at Arlington when the Cobra’s throttle stuck wide open and the car spun out of control hitting a curb and flipping upside down landing in a creek.  The Cobra was not taking part in the event, the driver was merely cruising by to show off his mirror like finish.

I drive by this intersection at least three times a week for various errands but would never imagine anybody ending up in the creek.  The driver walked away without injuries but the car had noticeable damage.  The polished Cobra replica is said to be worth $300K.

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Source: Matt @ Jalopnik